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Vertical blinds consist of slats attached to a headrail. The slats can be rotated on their axis, which allows you to control the level of light in the room and gives you several options to uncover the window depending on the slat covering system you choose. Read more
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Vertical blinds
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Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds
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Toc 5105
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BR 003 szary
BR 006
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Vertical blinds consist of slats attached to a headrail. The slats can be rotated on their axis, which allows you to control the level of light in the room and gives you several options to uncover the window depending on the slat covering system you choose.
With this product, you can cover large windows and spaces where it is impossible to use interior roller blinds, e.g. due to the size. Even if the configurator does not provide the measurements you need and your blinds exceed maximum values (length and width of the slats), you can connect two sets and divide the width, for example, by two. Simply, connect the slats to make sure that they cover the entire space. Now, that is some solution! 
Thanks to a wide range of fabric types and colours, this high quality product is an affordable mean to create a nice and simple atmosphere in the room. 
Ways to stack the slats together
Vertical blinds allow you to uncover the window in different directions:
– the slats stack together away from the cord – option A
– the slats stack together towards the cord – option B
– “curtain” (like in the theatre), the slats stack together symmetrically on both sides – option C 
Option D consists in connecting headrails to cover larger spaces. It is like a double option B so as to hide the place where both headrails connect (the slats overlap each other). 
Fabrics for vertical blinds
Slats for vertical blinds are entirely made of polyester.
The weight of the fabrics from the 1st price group, which is the most popular type of fabrics, starts from 200 g / 1m2. This means that the fabric is quite thick and helps provide intimacy. 
What does it mean? It means that when you cover the window, no one will be able to see what is inside. 
The fabrics have good colour stability, i.e. they do not fade due to the sun. 
In this version, the slats are 12.7 cm wide. 
We also offer 8.9 cm wide slats. You can find them here: vertical blinds 89 mm.
We grant a 24-month warranty on our products. The warranty covers all defects arising from faulty production. 
If an accident happens or someone breaks something in your window covering – do not worry – we provide both warranty and post-warranty service. Contact us, we will definitely help you! 
We are people, not robots, and like to share our knowledge :) Write or call us – we are certain we can help. 
How to install?
There are two easy ways to install vertical blinds:
– attach to the ceiling, 
– attach to the wall, using special angle brackets. 
Anyone who knows how to use a hammer drill or fix a raw plug to a plasterboard should have no problems with the installation, especially after watching our installation guide. It is available here: vertical blinds installation. 
You will need a ladder. After you drill holes in the wall, fix the “installation clips” with raw plugs (included in the kit). Next, insert the headrail in the clips and attach the slats. Remember to have clean hands when installing the slats.
Installation time: 20-30 minutes. 
Maximum size limits
2.8 m
5 m

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