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Free-hanging blinds are classic blinds without a cassette and guides. You can attach them either to the wall or the ceiling. A great solution if you cannot attach blinds to the window sash or simply want to cover multiple windows with a single set of blinds. 
A simple technology results in a low price of the product, which makes it a popular choice when the financial side is the main basis of the decision. 
A wide range of available fabrics guarantees multiple applications. 
We have plans for your window as well as for your privacy and peace! 
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Classic roller blind fabrics available in many different colors, choose the shade that suits your needs.
I price group
A 1555 - kawa z mlekiem
A 1559 - stalowy
A 191
A 107
A 120
A 188
A 171
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II price group
SM 738
SM 744
SM 743
SM 737
SM 746
SM 739
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III price group
A 666 ciemny grafit
A 615
A 627
A 614
A 645
A 692
A 613
A 602
A 647
A 646
A 620
A 622
A 625
A 606
A 603
A 632
A 634
A 641
A 607
A 608
A 633
A 638
A 631
A 618
A 617 - do wyczerpania zapasów
A 616
A 639
A 605
A 604
Len 85
A 635
A 629
A 601
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Add elegance to your interior and cover your window with stylish patterned fabrics.
III price group
B 866
B 428
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V price group
B 909
B 903 - do wyczerpania zapasów
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Cut off the light completely and enjoy the heat relief thanks to the blackout fabrics.
III price group
SMB 11
SOF 064
SOF 063
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IV price group
SXL 051
SXL 069
SXL 052
SXL 053
SXL 058
SXL 054
SXL 061
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V price group
Milena 04
Milena 09
Milena 03
Milena 16
Milena 15
Milena 23
Milena 25
Milena 06
Milena 07
Milena 10
Milena 12
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Quick order completion
24-month warranty
Thousands of satisfied customers
Years of experience
Free-hanging blinds are technologically the simplest solution, available for the lowest price in comparison with more advanced window coverings. Attached to the wall or the ceiling, they come without a cassette and side guides. 
The equipment is available in two colours: white and black. The blinds can cover a window or door recess. 
They are often bought for schools and pre-schools with multi-paned windows since they are a reasonable choice as one set is mounted to the recess instead of several blinds attached directly to every single window sash. A good value for money, no doubt about that. However, that is not always the key factor because sometimes mini blinds are chosen. They are a smaller version of free-hanging blinds but are attached to the window sash. If you are looking for a more advanced solution, you should also consider cassette blinds with guides, which can be attached to the wall or the ceiling. 
Our products answer your needs! 
We offer a wide range of fabrics, from transparent ones, which allow various amounts of light, to fully blackout ones. 
Depending on their thickness and colour, transparent fabrics absorb, i.e. stop, the light on the whole surface. The thicker and darker the fabric, the greater the darkness effect in the room, even during the day. A thinner and brighter fabric guarantees the opposite effect. 
In our offer, fabrics are divided into price groups. The lower the group, the thinner the fabric. The price grows along with thickness. 
The highest group consists of rubberised blackout fabrics. They do not let the light or the sunlight through on the whole surface.
The application of such fabrics provides your room with maximum thermal protection against the sun and too much heat in the summer and against too much cold in the winter.
We grant a 24-month warranty on our blinds. In addition, we provide technical and technological support. We are people who know one or two things about this industry. Contact us, we will surely find a solution! 

How to install?
The installation is not complicated. If you have held a hammer drill and drilled a hole in the wall at least once in your life, the rest should not be a problem at all. 
To install free-hanging blinds, you will need a hammer drill, a screwdriver, a ladder and a level. You can check a guide how to install free-hanging blinds here. 
The installation will take approximately 15–20 minutes. 
Maximum size limits
1.8 m
2.5 m

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