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Cassette Day and Night roller blinds

Day and night cassette blinds with guides are very popular blinds that combine elements of traditional blinds with curtains. 
Alternating full and transparent slats allow you to control the light and the level of your privacy.
The equipment of these blinds, i.e. the cassette and side guides, is made of aluminium and comes in the same colour as window frames. 
They are attached to the window sash. You can either screw or glue the cassette and stick the side guides to the window. Therefore, you have an option of non-invasive installation!
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Cassette blinds with side guides
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Cassette Day and Night roller blinds
Cassette blinds with side guides
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Thanks to the blackout fabric, you will make your roller blind even more functional, from completely cutting off the light to a gentle covering - you choose
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Day and night cassette blinds with flat side guides are blinds whose fabric is rolled up inside and protected by the cassette at the top. Flat side guides are attached to the sides. 
The cassette is either screwed or glued – this allows for non-invasive installation, if you do not want to screw the cassette to the sash. The cassette is always made of aluminium. It can be powder coated or veneered, using wooden colours similar or sometimes identical to the colours of window frames. Its colour perfectly matches the colour of your windows. 
The cassette is 3.5 cm high and that is also how far it sits from the window sash. 
The side guides, just like the aforementioned cassette, are made of aluminium and come in the same colour as the cassette. They are always glued to the window sash. Additionally, you can choose side guides fit for curved glazing beads. If you have an arched window, you will need those. Attaching them will be much easier. We thought about it! 
The fabric of the day and night blinds combines the functions of curtains and textile blinds. That is the main reason for their popularity with our customers. As a result, you can easier adjust the level of sunlight or intimacy.
The blinds consist of alternating transparent and full 5–8 cm wide slats. The width depends on the fabric type. 
Full slats can let the light through depending on their thickness and colour – the darker the colour, the less light gets in the room. 
The whole surface of full slats can be rubberised to completely block off any light. By using such a fabric, you limit the amount of light or sunlight to the minimum. 
We grant a 24-month warranty on our products. The warranty covers all defects due to faulty manufacturing. 
If an accident happens or someone breaks something in your window covering – do not worry – we provide both warranty and post-warranty service. Contact us, we will definitely help you! 
We are people, not robots, and like to share our knowledge :) Write or call us – we are certain we can help. 
How to install?
Taking measurements in accordance with our measurement guide will allow for easy and fast installation. 
To install the blinds, you will need:
– a screwdriver or a screw gun
– a degreaser 
– a ladder (optionally) 
The upper cassette can be either screwed or glued. The side guides should be attached to the glazing beads once you degrease them.
If your window has air inlets, do not worry – the cassette is installed below them. 
You can always watch our video guide, should you need help with the installation of day and night blinds. 
We also offer a similar product from this category – day and night mini blinds. They come without a cassette and side guides, which means a lower price and technological simplicity. 
Maximum size limits
1.6 m
2.4 m

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