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With U-shaped side guides

Cassette blinds with U-shaped side guides are a popular choice with the customers who look for window coverings. 
A great solution for those who wish to have an option to completely block off the sunlight. Thanks to a wide range of both transparent and blackout fabrics, you can make your place look modern and have an option to fully darken the room.
Also a great option for long sleepers and those who have to sleep during the day! Regardless of the time of the day, these blinds will allow you to sleep comfortably and wake up well-rested! 
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Classic roller blind fabrics available in many different colors, choose the shade that suits your needs.
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A 1555 - kawa z mlekiem
A 1559 - stalowy
A 191
A 107
A 120
A 188
A 171
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SM 738
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SM 743
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A 666 ciemny grafit
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A 625
A 606
A 603
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A 641
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A 638
A 631
A 618
A 617 - do wyczerpania zapasów
A 616
A 639
A 605
A 604
Len 85
A 635
A 629
A 601
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Add elegance to your interior and cover your window with stylish patterned fabrics.
III price group
B 866
B 428
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V price group
B 909
B 903 - do wyczerpania zapasów
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Cut off the light completely and enjoy the heat relief thanks to the blackout fabrics.
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SMB 11
SOF 064
SOF 063
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SXL 051
SXL 069
SXL 052
SXL 053
SXL 058
SXL 054
SXL 061
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Milena 04
Milena 09
Milena 03
Milena 16
Milena 15
Milena 23
Milena 25
Milena 06
Milena 07
Milena 10
Milena 12
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Thousands of satisfied customers
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Cassette blinds with U-shaped side guides are window coverings whose roller tube is protected at the top by a cassette. The fabric slides smoothly in vertical side guides. The upper cassette may be glued or hung. The side guides are attached to glazing beads so as not to cover the face of the window. 
The installation is completely non-invasive, i.e. you do not have to put screws into the window! The colour range of the cassette and guides goes from white to the most popular colours of window frames, which can be obtained thanks to veneered aluminium profiles. In such a case, those blinds are perfect because they are custom-made for your window.
Solaris blinds are installed on the window sash. The fabric does not slide between glazing beads but – so to speak – on the window sash. That is why, when this type of blinds is used on a balcony door with a mullion or a mid-rail, you do not need two separate blinds for the upper and lower section of the door. The fabric of the blinds will not get stuck on the mullion. 
This solution has its supporters because it is cheaper than installation of two separate blinds on one door. Other may say that it does not allow you, for example, to roll up the upper section of the door while keeping the lower one covered. 
We provide our customers with full information and choice. We are always ready to help! 
The above-mentioned product are blinds with flat side guides. When used on a balcony door with a mullion, this solution requires two separate sets of blinds. These blinds are really popular. 
Our products are made of high quality components, which ensure full satisfaction and many years of use! 
Our offer includes fabrics whose colours will match the interior of your place as well as those that will enable you to adjust the level of sunlight in the room – from a minimum “cut-off” to complete darkness. 
Whether it is the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom, you have the choice and can decide on your own about the intensity of light in the room as well as pick the colour of the blinds. 
The installation is a completely non-invasive process. There is no need for screwing nor for interference with the structure of the window sash. All you need is a platform or a ladder and a degreaser (e.g. benzine). That is all! 
A little bit of manual work and the blinds are ready for use in just 5 minutes! Check out how simple it is – we have prepared an installation guide for cassette blinds with U-shaped side guides.
Your privacy is safe now! 
Our products are covered by a 24-month warranty. The warranty covers defects due to faulty manufacturing. If there is something wrong with your product, we are always ready to help and offer both warranty and post-warranty service.
Call or write us – we will help you. We know how it is done! 
Maximum size limits
1.5 m
2.2 m

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