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Ceiling-/wall-mounted D/N blinds – MGS

The fabric of the day and night blinds combined with their large size will provide your place with new style! 
A wide range of colours guarantees that you will find something that matches your interior.
Alternating sliding slats of fabric allow you to adjust how much light to let in your home and maintain full privacy. 
You decide about the amount of sunlight in the room! 
Attach them to the wall or the ceiling! Cover the entire window recess. 
MGS blinds combine the best features and functions. 

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Ceiling-/wall-mounted D/N blinds – MGS
Ceiling- / wall-mounted with shield
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Choose for yourself the color of the fabric stripes in your day and night blinds.
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Thanks to the blackout fabric, you will make your roller blind even more functional, from completely cutting off the light to a gentle covering - you choose
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Ceiling-/wall-mounted day and night MGS blinds are meant to cover much larger spaces. That is why, they can effectively cover the entire window recess. You will not have to worry about the structure of your window, the number of panes or sash bars, which are important factors to take into account when you need blinds that are mounted to the window sash. A single set of blinds is suitable for a multi pane sash window! 

They are equipped with the so-called semi-cassette. It covers the roller. 

If attached to the wall, the semi-cassette protects the roller at the top. Alternatively, when mounted to the ceiling, it serves as a vertical cover of the front-side of the blinds. 

A very professional and aesthetic solution. The entire equipment is made of powder-coated aluminium. 

When it comes to the fabric, you can choose from a wide range of colours and functions. A product for you!

Something that looks so professional has never been so easy to use!

No matter if you have some experience or not, thanks to how easy it is to take measurements, make an order and finally install the blinds, you can adjust the product to your needs. 

MGS blinds protect your private space not only from nosey neighbours but also from extensive heat in the room during periods of strong sunlight. 

MGS blinds are quick and easy to install. They are fixed to the wall or ceiling with clips. 
Once those clips are installed with the use of expansion plugs, insert the profile and that is all. 
 If you decide to attach the blinds to the wall, make sure to install them in a perfectly horizontal position.
Only then the blinds will work properly. A level should come in handy. 
Additionally, you will need a hammer drill with an 8 mm bore diameter, the aforementioned level, a screwdriver and a ladder. 
Wash your hands before you insert the profile to make sure that the fabric will not get dirty. 
We have prepared a guide how to attach the day and night blinds to the wall. 
We offer a wide range of stylish fabrics in various colours. They also have various levels of transparency – from very clear to complete blackout. 
The blinds consist of alternating horizontal slats – the full ones are approx. 8 cm wide, while the transparent or mesh ones – approx. 5 cm wide. The width may vary depending on the fabric manufacturer, but those are the standard values of our offer. 
Full slats may have different thickness and colour. They can also be rubberised. All those factors will determine how much outside light is blocked off. The whole surface of a fully-rubberised panel does not let the light in. 
If you position the slats of these blinds to cover the entire window, you will block off the largest amount of light or sunlight.
But keep in mind that, when it comes to a rubberised or blackout fabric, the room will not be completely blacked out because of a 1 cm gap between the fabric and the wall which enables the light to pass through, but if you want to play on the computer or sleep during the day, this is a perfect solution! 
This product will provide excellent conditions to sleep during the day. 
Intimacy – all the fabrics we offer for these blinds provide intimacy once you cover the window. Therefore, no outsider will know what is going on in your room. Of course, you must set the blinds in the “night” position. 
No more worries about nosey neighbours :) 
Our products are covered by a 24-month warranty. We offer warranty and post-warranty service. 
We are people, not robots, who can help you in almost any situation related to our products thanks to years of experience in the industry. 
Contact us, we will figure something out! 
Maximum size limits
2.4 m
2.6 m

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