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With flat side guides - Helios

In the case of cassette blinds with flat side guides, the fabric is rolled up inside a cassette and held by flat side guides. 
When well-fitted to the window, they will allow you to blackout the room and provide comfortable conditions to rest. 
The installation method is up to you! You can either screw them to the window or choose a tool-free method and simply use some glue. 
Thanks to a wide range of fabric colours and types, your place will definitely look really attractive. 
This type of blinds fantastically protects your privacy! 
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Monochromatic fabric blinds
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A 191
A 107
A 120
A 188
A 171
A 125
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SM 738
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A 645
A 692
A 613
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A 603
A 632
A 634
A 641
A 607
A 608
A 633
A 638
A 631
A 618
A 617 - do wyczerpania zapasów
A 616
A 639
A 605
A 604
Len 85
A 635
A 629
A 601
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Patterned fabric blinds
III price group
B 866
B 428
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V price group
B 909
B 903 - do wyczerpania zapasów
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Blackout fabric blinds
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SMB 11
SOF 064
SOF 063
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SXL 051
SXL 069
SXL 052
SXL 053
SXL 058
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SXL 061
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Milena 04
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Milena 23
Milena 25
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Cassette blinds with flat side guides are nothing else but a roll of fabric wrapped around a roller, protected by a cassette at the top and flat guides on the sides. 
Both the cassette and guides are attached to the glazing beads. The fabric slides along the window pane between the glazing beads. 
Thanks to the cassette and side guides, Helios blinds become an integral part of the window, holding the fabric even when the window is slightly open.
The aesthetic self-locking mechanism with a chain will allow you to stop the fabric at any height. 
This type of blinds is installed on each window pane, which means that every lite requires a separate set of blinds. 
For example, a balcony door with a mullion (mid-rail) requires two separate sets of blinds for its upper and lower section. 
If you are looking for balcony door blinds that will cover the entire door and do not need two separate sets of blinds for the upper and lower pane, you should pick cassette blinds with U-shaped side guides. 
Installation method
The cassette can be screwed or glued to the glazing bead. 
The side guides are always attached with Lohmann foam tape (we have been using this tape for years; even detaching the blinds from the window is very hard). It is essential to degrease the surface to which the blinds will be attached. 
This type of blinds is always attached to the glazing beads. Even if you decide to use screws, they are put into the replaceable glazing beads rather than the window profile, which does not void the warranty of most window manufacturers. 
The cassette, thanks to its small height (3.5 cm), does not restrict the window sash opening angle much. 
Installation time and tools
Depending on your manual skills, it should take you about 5–10 minutes to install one set of these blinds.
You will need a screwdriver or a screw gun, a small ladder or a platform, a cloth and a degreaser (e.g. benzine) and a place to attach the guides and the cassette (optionally). 
Remember that each product requires a different measuring method. If you take measurements in compliance with the instruction guide, the installation will be fast and easy, and the blinds will work without any problems! See the instruction guide how to measure blinds with flat guides.
Colour of the cassette and guides
Cassettes and side guides are made of PVC . PVC cassettes and side guides come in white, brown or anthracite. There is also an anodized version (silver colour).
Cassettes and guides are veneered in the same colours as window frames, i.e. golden oak, walnut, light oak, swamp oak, cherry mahogany. The veneer is the same as in the case of window production. 
Choosing the side of the mechanism
The side of the mechanism basically determines the side of the cassette on which the blind bead chain will be located. Usually, the bead chain is located on the opposite side of the handle, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, an exception must be made because of the location and accessibility of the blinds. 
Maximum size limits
1.5 m
2.4 m

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