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Window pleated blinds

Standard pleated blinds allow you to cover the window in various configurations: from top to bottom or the other way round. With this product, you can cover any part of the window.
Its character and modern style will provide your place with a new look. These blinds will guarantee you a new way of living, limit the unwanted sunlight, grant you peace and full privacy. You will never feel uncomfortable at home! 
You choose the type and budget, and we will prepare pleated blinds for your window. Leave it to us! 

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Window pleated blinds
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Window pleated blinds
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Golden oak

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The naming of fabric colors we provide is only a suggestion and a definition of this color in our subjective assessment. It is made intentionally to broaden your perspective on palette of colours that interests you. It is also known that various settings on your device may distort the actual color image.

Jednobarwne tkaniny do plis o różnej strukturze, grubości i zróżnicowanym splocie. Nie posiadają wzorów czy nadruków. Zapewniają intymność.
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1-102 pudrowy
1-104 kremowy
1-117 błękitny
1-111 stalowy
1-110 siwy
1-109 szary beż
1-108 jasny szary
1-112 czarny
1-101 biały
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2-7242 ME mleczna czekolada
2-7234 ME biały
2-7236 ME jasny beż
2-7220 ME piaskowy
2-0150 FE
2-1290 FE light grey
2-0970 FE bright lavender
2-1330 FE deep purple
2-0200 FE piaskowa biel
2-0540 FE
2-0931 FE oil
2-6430 FE pistacja
2-6440 FE kanarkowy
2-0610 FE
2-0923 FE
2-1300 FE steel
2-1320 FE black
2-0220 FE jasne latte
2-0510 FE piaskowy
2-0819 FE dark sand
2-6400 FE
2-6420 FE
2-20 KA
2-06 KA
2-05 KA
2-07 KA
2-22 KA miód gryczany
2-17 KA niebieski ciemniejszy
2-28 KA pistacja ciemna
2-09 KA
2-23 KA
2-24 KA pomarańcz soczysty
2-26 KA fiolet
2-16 KA lazurowy
2-17 KA niebieski ciemniejszy
2-4221 Sina
2-4223 Sina
2-4222 Sina
2-1125 FU
2-1128 FU
2-1131 FU
2-7235 ME
2-10457 ME
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III price group
3-1040 SH biały krem
3-1041 SH siwy
3-1052 SH antracyt w brązie
3-1053 SH szary granat
3-1042 SH oliwka jasna
3-1047 SH pistacja ciemniejsza
3-1048 SH butelkowa zieleń
3-1043 SH
3-1051 SH rdzawy
3-1045 SH czerwień grejpfruta
3-1054 SH różowy
3-1046 Sh fiolet
3-1049 SH lazurowy
3-1050 SH lazurowy ciemniejszy
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IV price group
4-1071 FL
4-2320 FL
4-4141 FL
4-9141 FL
4-9140 FL
4-2319 FL
4-9084 FL
4-7693 KALA
4-7695 KALA
4-7699 KALA
4-0100 duo
4-0110 duo
4-0380 duo
4-0130 duo
4-0360 duo
4-0300 duo
4-0150 duo
4-0170 duo
4-0180 duo
4-0230 duo
4-0200 duo
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V price group
5-8206s JAS
5-8903 ARA
5-8901 ARA
5-8900 ARA
5-8902 ARA
5-8905 ARA
5-8924 ONYKS
5-7912 DEN
5-7913 DEN
5-7914 DEN
5-7921 DEN
5-7919 DEN
5-7916 DEN
5-7928 DEN
5-7099 FRA
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VI price group
6-5202 duo
6-5206 duo
6-5207 duo
6-5208 duo
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Wzorzyste tkaniny do plis posiadają nadrukowane wzory lub mają melanż kilku odcieni w danym kolorze.
III price group
3-691 Dots
3-692 Dots
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IV price group
4-8360 YORK
4-6641 CYR
4-6640 CYR
4-901 NEO
4-102 OP
4-1069 TO
4-2275 TO
4-2276 TO
4-2294 TO
4-2295 TO
4-8134 TO
4-4140 TO
4-5176 TO
4-4139 TO
4-9125 TO
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V price group
5-9040 DAYO
5-8550 LEI
5-8355 LEI
5-6353 KENT
5-8450 Jakarta
5-6601 NAK
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VII price group
7-034 YUKI
7-1300 BRUS
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Plisy zaciemniające
V price group
5-1900 AT
5-1910 AT
5-1903 AT
5-1909 AT
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VI price group
6-7360 ST biały
6-7369 ST szary jasny
6-7367 ST kremowy jasny
6-7361 ST piaskowy ciepły
6-7371 ST dżins ciemny
6-20503 SB
6-20505 SB
6-20501 SB
6-21601 SB
6-20502 SB
6-21801 SB
6-20201 SB
6-20206 SB
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VII price group
7-5240 duo BO
7-5300 duo BO
7-5350 duo BO
7-5390 duo BO
7-5400 duo BO
7-5360 duo BO
7-5100 duo BO
7-5150 duo BO
7-5220 duo BO
7-5230 duo BO
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VIII price group
8-7610 duo BO
8-7613 duo BO
8-7615 duo BO
8-7620 duo BO
8-7612 duo BO
8-7640 duo BO
8-7641 duo BO
8-7619 duo BO
8-7616 duo BO
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Plisy odbijające światło
II price group
2-1286 BP
2-1292 BP
2-1263 BP
2-1270 BP
2-1289 BP
2-1285 BP
2-1291 BP
2-1284 BP
2-1268 BP
2-1257 BP
2-1256 BP
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III price group
3-01 AW biały
3-21 AW lazurowy jasny
3-05 AW cytrynowy krem
3-23 AW
3-26 AW lawenda
3-30 AW róż ciemniejszy
3-02 AW szary jasny
3-28 AW limonka ciemna
3-03 AW stalowy
3-20 AW ciemna oliwa
3-22 AW miodowy
3-18 AW mleczna czekolada
3-19 AW ceglasty pastel
3-25 AW fiolet jagodowy
3-21 AW lazurowy jasny
3-09 AW turkus
3-24 AW granatowy dżins
3-29 AW gorzka czekolada
3-220 KP
3-206 KP
3-205 KP złoty miód
3-207 KP
3-222 KP miód gryczany
3-218 KP ciemny karmel
3-219 KP oliwkowy
3-228 KP pistacja ciemna
3-209 KP cytrynowy pastel
3-223 KP kanarkowy pastel
3-210 KP pomarańczowy
3-224 KP pomarańcz soczysta
3-226 KP lawendowy jasny
3-215 KP
3-216 KP dżins jasny
3-217 KP niebieski ciemniejszy
3-204 KP
3-7704 MP
3-7705 MP
3-22189 MP
3-10460 MP
3-22217 MP
3-22247 MP
3-7702 MP
3-10456 MP
3-22143 MP
3-22249 MP
3-22251 MP
3-22212 MP
3-7706 MP
3-22103 MP
3-22211 MP
3-22218 MP
3-10457 MP
3-10459 MP
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IV price group
4-0501 SI
4-0502 SI
4-1601 SI
4-1801 SI
4-0505 SI
4-0206 SI
4-0503 SI
4-0201 SI
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V price group
5-2298 OF cytrynowy krem
5-327 OF
5-9058 OF siwy
5-4135 OF
5-9136 OF grafitowy ciemny
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Information about the product

Quick order completion
24-month warranty
Thousands of satisfied customers
Years of experience
Window pleated blinds are continuously popular with out customers.
You can use them to cover your windows from top to bottom or from bottom to top. They can also cover only the centre of the window. It is up to you what part of the window should stay covered. With them, you can also cover only the central part of the window. 
This allows you to control the level of sunlight and comfort at home. The pleated blinds are a subtle barrier of your privacy! 
They are not only a very comfortable and functional solution but also easy to use. Pull the handle of the upper or lower rail to position the blinds how you want. You can stop them at any height. 
The upper and lower rails match the colour of window frames. You pick them for your window. Such a comfortable solution guarantees that you will like this product right from the start.
A wide range of fabrics allows you to match the pleated blinds to your interior. They will provide an aesthetic and nice look at your place. An excellent solution for any season! 
We offer a similar yet less expensive product of this category 
The fabrics for pleated blinds from our offer are characterised by a wide range of colours and functions. You will surely find something suitable for your living room, kitchen or bedroom.
Our fabrics for pleated blinds can be divided into the following groups:

– Transparent fabrics allow the light to pass through depending on their thickness and colour. Most fabrics from this group guarantees privacy and protection against peepers. However, some of them are more of a decoration or an aesthetic element. Such fabrics are lace and thinner than the rest, hence they are not meant to directly cut off the light or ensure privacy but rather decorate the window. All fabrics are described well so you will not have any problems to learn their function and features.
– Light reflective fabrics have a special external surface that prevents the room from overheating as they reflect some of the sunlight. All fabrics from this category are great to provide privacy, protect against nosy outsiders and ensure thermal protection both in winter and summer.
– Rubberised and blackout fabrics completely block off the light and create an impenetrable layer for the external light and sunlight as well as peepers. They are a great option for those who sleep during the day as they allow to rest in comfort. There may be a small gap between the edges of the blinds and the window for the light to pass through. It can also get through the cord holes but the amounts of light that get in are so small that they do not affect the functionality of the blinds.
– Duo pleat fabrics have a double layer and a cross section of a honeycomb. They protect against the light and provide thermal insulation as some of them even have aluminium foil inside. The highest category of fabrics for window pleated blinds. They guarantee the best protection of your intimacy and against overheating, which makes them an additional element of thermal insulation of the room. The light can only pass through the gap between the blinds and the window. Cord holes are invisible because they are located inside the fabric. A perfect choice if you are looking for professional protection of your place.
As you can see, it does not matter whether you want to watch TV, sleep during the day or prevent your room from overheating – we have a wide range of special solutions for you! Enter the measurements and choose the fabric type – we will take care of the rest! 
Window pleated blinds are easy to install. You will need a screwdriver, a pair of scissors and potentially a ladder, if the window is high up. 
In the kit, you will find all the equipment you need to install the blinds. Simply follow the installation guide and the entire process should take approximately 10 minutes. 
This applies to blinds installed against the window clearance. As for non-invasive installation, insert the handles in the installation hooks, hang them on the window sash and that is all.
Make sure to follow the instructions when taking measurements to ensure successful installation.

Our pleated blinds are covered by a 24-month warranty. We offer warranty and post-warranty service. We are people, not machines, and our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. That is why, in case something happens and there is a chance to help, we will surely do so! Call or write us – stay in touch with us! 
Maximum size limits
1.8 m
2.5 m